Tony Mercurio* singer;   Brian Wittlock* drummer;  Chris Arter* drummer;   and Joe Grib musician.
Here are basement recordings if you would     ...     songs and pieces of songs           *   Friend-Missing time..

Having Fun in the Basement     |     Having Fun in The Basement, Only Tony & Joe     |   My Way From Tony !

Instrumentation is worth mentioning     --->     Instrumentation

Selections from  --->   Ken Walsh and Joe Grib    (1991)            Christmas Selections

The guitar player uses an American-made Fender Strat, the Roland GR-50, the Roland RA-50,
the Roland RA-90, and the Multivox MX-450 pedal base synth, all played simultaneously.
All real-time instrumentation, except when a live drummer was available,
comes from Joe Grib with the six guitar strings except for his foot playing the base synth.   

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